Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Morning Mayhem

My mornings are typically the same day to day.

5:15am: I am awaken by my husbands alarm with blaring rock music.

5:20am: Try to go back to sleep.

5:23am: Jolted awake yet again by my husband sitting in the computer chair directly above our bedroom.

5:24am: Curse the floor plan and go back to sleep.

6:20am: Wake to my husband turning on the shower and slamming the door.

6:22am: Try to fall asleep AGAIN!

6:35am: Wake to the closet light that my husband must use to find his socks and underwear (They have been in the same place for 4 years).

6:40am: Stay awake listening to my 7 month old yell DADADADADADAD over and over again.

6:45am: Tell the husband good morning as he strolls back through the bedroom to brush his teeth.

7:20am: Get out of bed because my 4 year old has decided he needs breakfast and a show on ASAP!!

7:25am: Make 4 year old breakfast and 7 month old a bottle.

7:30am: Head up stairs only to be called back down to turn the TV up!

7:35am: Finally make it up stairs to change 7 month old changed and head back down stairs to give him a bottle.

7:40am: Yell at 4 year old to eat his breakfast for the hundredth time as we have to leave in 30 minutes.

7:42am: Pause the TV so 4 year old will know I'm serious.

7:42am-8:00am: Listen to 4 year old scream because the TV is paused.

8:01am: Tell him to get dressed AGAIN or no privileges (TV, Game, etc) tonight.

8:02am: After finding him with 2 pair of underwear and socks on I decide to dress him myself.

8:06am: Look over to find 7 month old has puked all over his clean cloths, the floor and my favorite blanket!

8:08am: Wipe off what I can and decide it is ok for him to smell like puke for just one day.

8:10am: Tell the 4 year old to get his shoes on.

8:15am: Yell from my bathroom that he better have his shoes on or he's going with out them.

8:17am: Come out to check and he has finally listened.

8:20am: Start the car so the kids aren't frozen in there seats.

8:22am: Let the muddy dog in and curse him for sliding across my clean floor with muddy feet.

8:25am: Start telling anyone who will listen that we should have been gone 10 minutes ago.

8:30am: Finally out the door...Crap I forgot my glasses!

8:31am: Go back in and get my glasses.

8:32am: Back in to the car, finally on our way to daycare when my 4 year old yells "I FORGOT MY BACKPACK"!

8:35am: Drop off 4 year old.

8:38am: Head back to the house and get back pack, so I can drive back to the school and drop it off.

8:45am: Home Sweet Home that is a complete disaster from the typical Morning Mayhem!

Does this sound familiar?


  1. Holy mess, this makes me tired just reading it..

  2. Sounds very familiar! I guess it makes sense because our kids are about the same age! Maren's mother's day out is 2 minutes away, but it takes us atleast an hour to get out of the house, and we forget a backpack or sippy cup about once a week and I have to go back. And the taking forever to eat and turning the TV off is very typical too! - mandy

  3. Oh, that sounds so familiar - sooo not fun sometimes! Just stopping over from SITS to welcome you aboard! Hope your holidays were good and a little less mayhem-ish! :)

  4. This sounds so familiar. I just lived it this morning, expect for the school thing.

    Stopped by from SITS to say hi and welcome.

  5. Sadly, yes. How did our parents raise us without "pause?"

    But have hope, mine are now 7 and 3, and it does get easier.

    Except for the husband part - blame his mom :-)

    Stopping by from SiTS to welcome you to the gang! May 2010 bring good health and happiness, and more cooperation, to you and yours.

  6. Stopping by from SITS...that does sound all too familiar. I love it when you curse the floor plan. I've done that a few times also! :)