Saturday, February 27, 2010

And the Rainbow Brite Winner is... Mama Llama

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Mama Llama said...
aahhh..rainbow brite. love it. Thanks for hopping over to little llamas!
February 21, 2010 6:32 AM

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nosefrida ***GIVEAWAY***

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about a giveaway that  An Island for Life is giving away a Nosefrida for the review I did!!! Just head on over to the following link and enter to win. I sure hope one of my readers wins!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rainbow Brite Doll Collection Review and ***GIVEAWAY***

I had the opportunity to review a moonglow doll from the new Rainbow Brite Doll Collection. At first I was nervous because Rainbow Brite was my favorite as a child and I was worried they would give her a makeover that was not suitable for a child's doll. To my amazement the makeover was very cute. Her dress is not low cut or short and she has some awesome moon boots.

I do not have girls, so I invited my neighbors daughter over a few times to play with the doll. She loved the doll and kept saying how pretty it was. All in all it is a very well made product, but her wrist bands do not stay on. I have a 9 month old and he loves anything to put in his mouth, so Moonglow's wrist bands quickly became trash.

If you are looking for a special birthday gift or just something different for your child I highly recommend any one of the dolls from this collection. There is, of course, Rainbow Brite and her friends Moonglow and Tickled, but even better they all have their own horses (sold separately)!

I have some great news for all of my readers. You will have a chance to win one of these dolls from the Rainbow Brite Collection. All you have to do is comment before Friday, February 26, 2010 at 11:59p.m and tell me what your favorite childhood toy was.

*Thank you to Mom Select for providing me with this review opportunity and the moonglow doll*

Monday, February 15, 2010

Nosefrida " The snotsucker"

This is my new favorite product! At first glance I was not sure my stomach could tolerate literally sucking the snot from my sons nose, but after reading over the instructions I was assured no snot would get anywhere near me.

Nosefrida has saved me countless fits these last few days, My 9 month old son has a severe head cold and hates having his nose suctions, Not anymore! I did have to hold his hands down as he was very curious about the product. Nosefrida is safe(it never enters the nose), easy and best of all no bacteria can be transferred due to the filters.

Slideshow: Nosefrida - Slideshow

This product is doctor invented and doctor recommended. It comes in it's own small case with 4 additional filters and unlike other aspirators I have tried you can see what is coming out. Then detach the Nosefrida from the tubing, wash with warm water and soap and let it dry.

I will be recommending this to all my mommy friends and my sons pediatrician. Every parent should own a Nosefrida and with a price point of $15.00 it makes a great baby shower gift. To check out the Nosefrida or read FAQ's go to!

*Thank you to Nosefrida and An Island for Life Reviews for providing this product*

Caress Evenly Gorgeous Review

I will admit when I first received this product I was not sure about it. I am definitely not the brand loyal type, but when it comes to soap and body wash I am very picky.

I decided I would put the exfoliating bar soap and body wash in the shower for use the next morning. WOW, was I surprised!! I absolutely love this product. I am a bar soap kind of gal, so I used the bar soap for all over washing and the exfoliating body wash to shave my legs. Can I just say the smell is AMAZING!

The Caress Evenly Gorgeous line has burnt brown sugar and karite butter and is supposed to exfoliate and moisturize while revealing your even toned skin. When I read this I was not sure a bar soap and body wash could achieve these results. Again, I was shocked to find after using both products for a few days I noticed my skin tone evening and I was not having to apply as much lotion after showering.

Not only is this product amazing it has a great price point at just $4.49 (prices may vary by store) for a 12 ounce body wash and $3.49 for two beauty bars. At you can check all of the product lines as well as find the store nearest you to stock up on this awesome product.

* Thank you to An Island for Life and Caress for providing the products*

Baby Magic Review

I received Baby Magic's lavender baby wash, lavender lotion, creamy baby oil and baby cologne for use on my 9 month old son. I have to admit at first the scents were not my favorite, but now after using them I really love them.

The baby cologne is just amazing! I use the product after his bath and sometimes the next morning and people are always telling me how divine he smells. The lotions and oils are also great as they are a little thicker than other brands I have tried. They seem to make him stay smoother and smelling fresh longer.

Baby Magic is very well priced at $3.99 (some stores may vary) for 16.5 ounces of lotion or body wash. You can even get a Baby Magic starter kit with 6 products for under $20!

Head on over to for more information and to find a store near you.

* Thank You to An Island for Life reviews and Baby Magic for providing the products*

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby Legs Review

What a great way to show your childs individual style!! Not only can you use Baby Legs Warmers to keep little legs warm, you can also make any shirt long sleeved. With so many different styles, colors and prints you can match them to just about any item your child already has hanging in the closet. Baby Legs offers many products such as leg warmers, socks and even tights ranging in price from $7 for Individual items to $30 for gift sets.
Thanks to Baby Legs we had the opportunity to try the Piedmont Warmers (pictured above). They were great for Riley as he was just starting to crawl and our tile flooring was very cold. The warmers kept him nice and warm without having to bundle him while in doors. They also make diaper changing a breeze because he could wear a long-sleeved onesie and his Baby Legs Warmers, so no pants to contend with at changing time!

Baby Legs has a one size fits most policy meaning they are not just for babies anymore! Next time you need to complete that hard to match outfit or just want to keep little legs and arms warm go on over to and place your order. These also make great gifts and they even have gift certificates available for $25 or more.

Thank you to Baby Legs for supplying a sample product!

I am so sorry I have been M.I.A!!!

Our family has recently been going through many changes and it has not allowed me the time to post! I apologize to my readers as well as the companies I have been working with. I promise in the following days to have many reviews and maybe even some new giveaways. Stay tuned and bare with me as I re-adjust my schedule.

Thank You,


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Rock Apparel Review

I had the opportunity to review this awesome brand of children's apparel. My son is in pre-school, so what better t-shirt to receive than the "What Happens in Pre-School, Stays in Pre-school." He just loves this shirt. It fits perfectly and is so soft (it has combed cotton). He wore it to school, slept in it and then wore it for half of the next day before I could get him to take it off. I was worried it would shrink and have spots (He was a mess), but after a little stain spray and the normal wash cycle it was back to brand new. I was very happy with the way it washed and it did not shrink a bit!

Baby Rock Apparel has many different items from t-shirts and accessories too bottles and pacifiers. They also carry Pee Pee Teepees and lullaby cds from Rockabye Baby. If you are looking for the perfect baby shower or birthday gift this is the place for you.

I have also worked with Baby Rock Apparel from a wholesale stand point, when I owned my own children's boutique, and they were wonderful. All products arrived correct and on time every time. I could not have asked for a better company too work with.

A big THANK YOU too Baby Rock Apparel for providing the t-shirt sample!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Re-Draw for the Coupons

The winner of the General Mills coupons never got back to me so...


Jeannie is always lucky on the re-draw, lol!!

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